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Strategic Resilience: Banca d’Alba’s Email Compliance Evolution with STORViX and Archivium

The GDPR puts strict requirements on how corporations store personal information in order to protect individuals’ privacy and data rights. For financial institutions such as Banca d’Alba, compliance is not just a legal duty, but a critical responsibility to maintain trust among clients and stakeholders.

To address the challenges of GDPR compliance and email management, Banca d’Alba decided to partner up with STORViX and Archivium.

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The challenges

Banca d’Alba faced a significant challenge in managing their corporate email system in compliance with European GDPR regulations. This issue was further complicated by the need to ensure the long-term preservation of communications from former associates, a requirement set by the Data Protection Authority.

The decision process

Recognizing Banca d’Alba’s data storage and compliance needs, Naquadria, a leading IT advisor and data center, took an innovative approach. By identifying STORViX‘s flexible and secure storage solutions and Archivium‘s digital preservation expertise, Naquadria facilitated a successful partnership between these two European leaders on September 28th, 2023. This comprehensive solution perfectly aligns with Banca d’Alba’s requirements.

“In discussions with Banca d’Alba, I instantly understood the challenges of regulatory compliance, which is a major concern in Italy. Since I knew about STORViX’s flexible solution and Archivium’s expertise in data security, I saw a possibility to connect the two companies to offer a seamless and secure solution to address Banca d’Alba’s situation. I am proud to have played a key role in facilitating this successful collaboration.”

— Alessandro Solari, CEO of Naquadria

Read more about our collaboration in this press release.

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The solution

Following an in-depth analysis of Banca d’Alba’s digital archive, STORViX and Archivium put together a comprehensive solution. This solution was built around STORViX Vaulting System, hosted in Naquadria’s tier 3 data center in Piacenza, Italy. This system leveraged advanced technology from both companies, ensuring data retention principles, integrity, availability, and usability. It also facilitated the automatic deletion of emails, as recommended by the Data Protection Authority.

The solution integrates clear policies and advanced digital preservation systems, seamlessly adhering to GDPR compliance regulations. This ensures the protection of both the bank and its employees in the event of post-termination litigation. Additionally, securely archiving personal data provides Banca d’Alba’s valued customers with added assurance. The system’s automated approach to email retention ensures that only essential and compliant data is preserved.

“This operation aligns perfectly with the guidance provided by the Italian Data Protection Authority, which recommends that employers limit the retention of emails by adopting automatic deletion systems and ensuring that their retention is supported by valid reasons.”

— Mauro Caviola, Head of Information Technology at Banca d’Alba


This implementation underscores Banca d’Alba’s proactive approach by establishing it as one of the pioneering Italian banks to systematically address the electronic mail management issue in accordance with current regulations. This positions the bank among the leading Cooperative Credit Banks and all Italian banking establishments.

Through the adoption of clear policies and advanced digital storage systems, this solution ensures that Banca d’Alba now maintains a secure and compliant corporate communication environment that answers to the demands of the contemporary business landscape.

The accomplishment of this project lead to the continuous collaboration between Banca d’Alba, STORViX, and Archivium to ensure the ongoing success of the bank’s email management system. This includes staying up-to-date with evolving GDPR regulations and adapting the solution as necessary to maintain compliance.

Banca d'Alba

Banca d’Alba, an Italian Cooperative Credit Bank founded in 1998, stands as a pillar in its territory, maintaining a presence in 7 provinces across Italy. The bank is dedicated to delivering high-quality services to individuals, families, and businesses. Its logo encapsulates the cultural, historical, and territorial values of the area it serves, reflecting a profound connection to its roots.

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