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Our mission is to create a solution to make the entire data life cycle simple, secure, sustainable, and efficient.
Learn why and how we are reimagining data storage.


Develop our software AiRE for integrated data protection, and cyber resilience
Redesigning our hardware to extend the life cycle and reduce the energy impact
Overcoming the old concept of AI with inspiration from biology and cognitive science.
Our inspiration
Our task
Our solution

Our inspiration

Conventional storage arrays are too inflexible to cope with the enormous increases in the amount of data generated. At the same time, energy costs are soaring, the climate crisis is more urgent and cyber threats are on the rise. This has made it clear to us that we need to reimagine the way data is stored, managed and protected, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, security and simplicity. Read more about what inspired us.

Our task

Our task was to deliver better performance with less energy consumption. Making breakthrough progress here would require continuously optimizing hundreds of system parameters. No human could keep up with that, so AI would need to automatically detect, adapt and optimize. So we took a fresh look at biological computing technologies, like DNA barcoding and profiling, machine learning algorithms and cloud capabilities. Read more about how we combined biology and AI.

Our solution

Inspired by biological computing, we developed a feature-rich software stack, AiRE, designed for more flexible data management. AiRE is integrated with selected physical or cloud-based hardware for efficient data storage. Our secret sauce is deploying AI through a two-way cloud connection to drive automatic performance optimizations with greater intelligence, like a self-driving car. All of this is our overall solution: a complete, easy-to-use and self-driving data platform – AiRE IntelligentFiler. Read more about the road to creating a self-driving storage array.

Do more with less

Learn how our AiRE IntelligentFiler data platform and value-added cloud services empower you to do more with less, making your data operations more sustainable, simple and secure.


AiRE automatically optimizes performance while delivering the same user experience across data fabrics. Learn more about what AiRE can do.

Pay as you grow to optimize storage costs and scale value more effectively with FlexiPAY for both physical and cloud AiRE instances.

Use AiRE STaaS to enjoy all the benefits of AiRE without any of the sysadmin hassle in a fully GDPR-compliant data center.

Let’s change the world together

Big names believe in us

STORViX was founded in 2016 at Ideon Science Park in Lund and has gone on an exciting journey of growth ever since. Read the story of how we went from a deep tech startup with big dreams to having a mature solution, a diverse team and robust support from VCs, Oracle, Sony, and Nvidia.

We want you to grow with us

Exciting technological breakthroughs, cutting-edge skills development and an opportunity to make a difference – this is what’s waiting for you in a career at STORViX.

Our commitment to sustainability

At STORViX, we are committed to supporting sustainable development with innovative ways of decreasing CO2 emissions in IT operations. From sustainable packaging, improved power consumption and longevity to ecological hardware disposal, we want to steer the tech industry toward an environmentally friendly future. Learn how we do this in our sustainability efforts by reducing the carbon footprint at every stage of the product lifecycle.

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