Customizable data storage
at your fingertips

Unlock the full control of your data with our customizable data storage. Tailor your settings to perfectly align with your organization’s unique needs. Experience unparalleled level of flexibility that sets AiRE apart. Say goodbye to rigid setups and inflexible systems and say hello to effortless customization, giving you freedom of choices. 

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Configuration of each data set

AiRE enables you to apply specific settings, rules and conditions to each individual data sets. Define storage preferences, access privileges , transformation methods and other unique characteristics for each dataset. It’s your data, your rules, no technical headaches.

Data transformation 

AiRE adeptly manages both Block and File protocols within the same unit. This exceptional capability underscores AiRE’s proficiency in adaptability for efficient data management. 

Encryption of each data set

Our solution enhances data security seamlessly by converting your data into unreadable code, applying this protection to each individual data set. This prevents potential hackers or unauthorized users from accessing it. Only authorized users with the appropriate decryption key can access and decipher the original data, ensuring that the data remains confidential and intact, providing a first class security layer. 

Intelligent compression

Experience amplified storage efficiency! Our intelligent compression technique reduces data size, freeing up space and accelerating data transfers, maximizing your space utilization without compromise.

Data deduplication

One of AiRE’s stand-out features is its capability to identify previously backed-up data, and only retain one instance. This minimizes data transfer and eliminates the hassle of redundant copies of the same data, resulting in a highly efficient storage system with maximized space.

Enhanced resilience

Even though hard drives are engineered for durability, in the unfortunate event of a hard drive failure, our system will detect a faulty disk and adaptly activate  a spare drive to initiate the recovery process. The data is rebuilt on the spare by restoring data using information from the other drives, along with redundancy details. This ensures that your business is safeguarded against data loss and avoids downtime or interruptions. With this comprehensive coverage, you can have complete peace of mind.

[ AiRE – The brain behind the brilliance ]

AiRE is STORViX’s proprietary software stack, carefully crafted on a storage-optimized UNIX operating system, offering a robust file system and adaptable software-defined data services. This software gem seamlessly integrates with both physical and virtual hardware to unleash their full potential. Each deployment, whether physical or virtual, is referred to as an “AiRE instance.”

the technology behind AiRE