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Banca d’Alba’s Strategic Collaboration with STORViX and Archivium to Elevate Email Management System

Lund, Sweden, September 28th, 2023 — Banca d’Alba proudly announces its strategic partnerships with STORViX and Archivium enabling intelligent e-mail management, ensuring regulatory compliance and protection of its employees’ personal data.

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Banca d’Alba is a Cooperative Credit Bank, a leading bank in its territory that has put the quality of its work at the service of people, families, and businesses. It is no coincidence that the logo of Banca d’Alba was designed with the aim of containing within it all the values of the area in which it operates: cultural, historical, and territorial with the typical connotation of the area, such as castle, tower, hills, and the excellence of the wine from the well-known grapes planted in these lands.

In an era when e-mail is the main communication tool in the corporate environment, the compliant management of personal data conveyed through this medium assumes crucial importance. In accordance with EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and Legislative Decree No. 101/2018 (Privacy Code), the use of named email addresses imposes significant efforts on companies to balance operational needs with data protection requirements.

After an in-depth analysis of the digital archive, STORViX and Archivium developed a project that led Banca d’Alba to implement a compliant digital preservation solution based on the STORViX Vaulting system. The solution, delivered from a STORViX TIER3 Data Region located in Piacenza, leverages racks dedicated to STORViX technology and Archivium’s Archichons 3.0, ensuring inflexible data retention principles, unalterability, availability and usability.

“This operation,” confirms Mauro Caviola, head of information technology at Banca d’Alba, “aligns perfectly with the guidance provided by the Italian Data Protection Authority, which recommends that employers limit the retention of e-mails by adopting automatic deletion systems and ensuring that their retention is supported by valid reasons”.

“This project,” comments Elena Lauritano, general manager of Archivium, “demonstrates Banca d’Alba’s proactivity and positions it among the first Italian banks to comprehensively address the issue of e-mail management in compliance with current regulations”.

“ The judicious management of email,” reiterates Luca Minoja, founder of STORViX, a Swedish company that has created a disruptive technology inspired by DNA, biology and cognitive science in the way data is considered, stored, processed and managed; “through the adoption of clear policies and advanced digital preservation systems, emerges as a fundamental practice for any business. Banca d’Alba, STORViX and Archivium will continue to work together to ensure a secure, compliant corporate communications environment that keeps pace with the needs of the modern business world. We hope after this project to be able to propose not only to other entities in the banking circuit but to all companies this case study, showing them, not only the effectiveness, but the security that we are able to guarantee with our solution”

Banca d’Alba, an Italian Cooperative Credit Bank founded in 1998, stands as a pillar in its territory, maintaining a presence in 7 provinces across Italy. The bank is dedicated to delivering high-quality services to individuals, families, and businesses. Its logo encapsulates the cultural, historical, and territorial values of the area it serves, reflecting a profound connection to its roots.

Archivium is a leading IT consulting company in Italy at the forefront of digital preservation solutions, offering innovative technologies focusing on regulatory digital conservation, document management, and electronic invoicing. The company is dedicated to ensuring the security, compliance, and usability of electronic archives.

STORViX AB, an innovative Vendor based in Sweden, is one of the fastest-growing companies in the data storage and management sector. Since 2016, STORViX has been pioneering in the data storage industry by focusing on developing a simple yet intelligent solution to give its customers the efficiency and reduction in management time they need. 

Our convictions have led to the development of AiRE, our unique software stack solution, which offers you simplicity, efficiency, agility, security, sustainability and much more. Customers across Europe have put their trust in us for years, and we continue to collaborate closely. 

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