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We are a deep tech company that has taken significant inspiration from biological computing technologies.

Discover how we are ushering in the age of self‑driving storage arrays with state‑of‑the‑art AI.

Our deep tech roots

Skyrocketing data too much for inflexible legacy systems

It became clear to us that conventional data services would not be able to keep up with skyrocketing demand and new needs. Just look at how fast data creation and consumption is increasing in only two years.

Data volume 2022‑2024
Measured in zettabytes

Being able to efficiently store all the new data being constantly generated is an increasingly significant challenge for both IT budgets and sustainability targets. Especially considering that IT managers, typically faced with cost optimization mandates, are challenged to do more with less.

Conventional storage arrays have traditionally been far too inflexible. This results in them being thrown out and replaced each time needs change, which takes a toll on ROI and the environment. At the same time, IT teams are hard‑pressed to adapt to all this rapid change and stay on top of everything to both ensure maximum performance and prevent downtime. We knew we needed a data technology platform that would be more efficient, more flexible and easier to use.

This would be a completely new approach, in line with our mission to reimagine the way data is stored, managed and protected

Read about how we addressed these needs with inspiration from biological computing and AI
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