How would you like to store your data with the very best in performance, redundancy and compression – with no infrastructure management and full GDPR compliance? We’ve partnered with leading European data centers to give you all the benefits of our unique software, AiRE, without any of the sysadmin hassle of managing your own infrastructure.


Why choose AiRE STaaS by STORViX

Cloud economics

Leverage dynamic pricing (OpEx) for storing your data, paying only for what you need, and scale up or down instantly when needs change

Data sovereignty and GDPR compliance

Your data never leaves the EU and is protected with end‑to‑end encryption

Cost efficiency

AiRE uses state‑of‑the‑art compression and deduplication algorithms so you can store more data at less cost.

Multi‑cloud and hybrid cloud capabilities

Use our public cloud bridges to seamlessly integrate AiRE STaaS with multiple cloud locations. AiRE STaaS is also easy to connect to AiRE running on physical or cloud hardware to supercharge hybrid cloud data fabrics.

How AiRE STaaS supercharges your organization

Support agile business models

In the fast changing new IT era, many organizations are looking for ways of storing and managing data to support more agile business models. The scalability of the cloud is appealing. But perhaps you have sensitive data that can’t be stored in the public cloud. Or you want better workload optimization, flexibility and cost efficiency.

AiRE STaaS gives you the best of both worlds – the scalability you crave and the data sovereignty you must have – the performance you want and the cost efficiency you need.

Empower your IT team

Is your IT team tired of getting bogged down in infrastructure maintenance?

AiRE STaaS will free up your team to dedicate more focus on adding value while providing superior data sovereignty, performance and storage efficiency. AiRE was designed for ease of use and delivers a simple and consistent UX across data fabrics, so your team will get up and running in no time.

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