Remote installation

Spending an unnecessary amount of time setting up and getting started with a new system can be a pain for IT teams. In addition to designing AiRE for ease of use, we provide a remote installation and configuration service to help you get up and running faster than you ever would have thought possible.

Physical installation in 10 minutes

Our support for zero‑touch provisioning accelerates deploying your AiRE intelligentFiler unit in your network. Call us and we’ll guide you through connecting your hardware every step of the way. While physical installation and configuration of rival systems typically takes about 45 minutes, we can help you get through it in just 10 minutes!

Assisted remote configuration

Once your hardware is connected to the cloud, you can simply delegate any or all of the rest of the configuration process to us. Our assisted configuration service can securely access your device remotely, with your permission, and set everything up according to your preferences and best practices.

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