FlexiPAY is our optional pay‑as‑you‑grow program that provides cloud‑like pricing for both physical and cloud AiRE instances to optimize storage costs and scale value more effectively. If you have an advanced SmartCARE plan or higher, you can apply for FlexiPAY. Here’s how it works.

Pay as you grow

How FlexiPAY pricing works

Instead of paying the full price of a new physical unit, you acquire the unit while only paying for the capacity you use, just as if it were in the cloud. This standard pay‑as‑you‑go price is per GB used.

You can also commit to prepay for a certain amount of capacity over a given period of time at a discounted rate. Anything used above and beyond the prepaid capacity is charged at the standard pay‑as‑you‑go rate.

We’d be happy to help you analyze your current and future capacity and performance needs and select the most suitable hardware.

If you’re interested in FlexiPAY, get in touch and we’ll help you determine your eligibility for the program.

Master your IT budget

Corporate IT departments and service providers are under constant pressure to keep costs down and do more with less.

FlexiPAY helps you minimize CapEx for your on‑prem infrastructure and future‑proof your investments.

The way it works is you acquire the capacity you’ll need in the future without having to pay the full price of the hardware here and now. You also get greater visibility to more accurately budget for future costs with rolling predictions of capacity usage based on historical data in CloudSight.

Pay like the cloud while rocking on‑prem features

Some organizations reap great benefits from moving to the cloud but miss certain on‑premises features such as data control, backups with personalized schedules and 100% data consistency. Or they may be required to retain certain sensitive personal or other data on premises by law. FlexiPAY allows you to combine all the advantages of on‑prem with the dynamic pricing and scalability of the cloud.

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