PowerApps are value‑added cloud services designed to extend and improve your AiRE experience with centralized fleet management, prescriptive analytics, predictive support, and much more.

One portal to all services and data management operations
Intelligent insights into all data from the cloud
Proactive support tailored to customer needs
GDPR‑compliant long‑term retention and secure offsite disaster recovery


Vault is a cloud service that you can opt into to back up and store data offsite in European data centers. A range of replication and mirroring options are available from AiRE to maintain the same optimization and compression advantages in Vault. You can also have the drives shipped to you for ultra‑secure disaster recovery.

Like having your own data center with cloud agility

Instead of having to choose between your own data centers or the public cloud for offsite backup, it’s now possible to enjoy a cloud‑like experience in a physical data center with Vault.

Vault is like having your own data center except it’s run by our dedicated data management team for you and you pay only for the capacity you use, like the cloud.

Integrate all your data flows

Vault seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, including both on‑prem data flows and hybrid‑cloud and multi‑cloud data fabrics. Data can be seamlessly replicated to and restored from Vault from all types of AiRE deployments and our public cloud bridges. This accelerates and streamlines backup and replication processes.

Airtight security and compliance

All data sent to Vault is protected with SHA AES 256 encryption in transit and at rest. The data is secured with FIDO2 multi‑factor authentication (MFA) on physical drives in geographically separated data centers in Sweden, Italy and other EU countries. Your data is processed in compliance with a strict zero‑knowledge privacy policy and data processing agreement that go beyond the statutory minimum.

Proactive protection and fast recovery

Vault deduplicates, compresses and encrypts your data, giving you control over it to help you ensure GDPR compliance, simplify disaster recovery and streamline long‑term retention. Vault proactively protects your data from disaster, dramatically decreasing the risk of data loss and accelerating recovery time.

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