PowerApps are value‑added cloud services designed to extend and improve your AiRE experience with centralized fleet management, prescriptive analytics, predictive support, and much more.

One portal to all services and data management operations
Intelligent insights into all data from the cloud
Proactive support tailored to customer needs
GDPR‑compliant long‑term retention and secure offsite disaster recovery


SmartCARE is our technology‑driven customer care program designed to support, optimize and add value to AiRE IntelligentFiler. The SmartCARE program comes with three distinct service plans – standard, advanced and premium – each with its own SLA. Standard is included with all AiRE IntelligentFiler purchases and customers can upgrade to advanced or premium when purchasing or at any time afterwards. SmartCARE plans can be viewed, upgraded and extended with powerapps from Merlin.

CoPILOT Connect – a faster and easier way of delivering support

CoPILOT Connect is a proactive support program utilizing the two‑way connection between AiRE and Merlin to save time and improve system performance.

By opting into CoPILOT Connect, remote assistance is always enabled. This allows the SmartCARE team to implement fixes, optimizations and other corrective measures for you faster and easier.

Autopilot – Self‑driving with automated support and tuning

AutoPILOT uses state‑of‑the‑art machine learning algorithms to automatically support and tune AiRE, bringing a new level of agility to what CoPILOT Connect does. This allows AiRE instances to be supported and optimized continuously and instantaneously, like automagic, creating a truly self‑driving storage array.

By opening up a whole new level of predictive and proactive support, AutoPILOT makes both uptime and system optimization better than ever before.

24/7 protection from cyber threats

Premium gives you access to on‑prem spare part kits, 24/7 support and Cyber Defense. This is provided by dedicated DevOps and DevSecOps teams that proactively ensure data is protected from all the latest cyber threats with state‑of‑the‑art technology.

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