Frequently asked questions 

Below, we gathered a list of information that our customers are curious about.

1. What is the size of one AiRE IntelligentFiler unit?

The size of a single base unit without DEU (disk expansion unit) is 4U (total of 4 units in the rack). With this setting, customers can choose their preferred capacity, ranges from a minimum of 32 TiB up to 501 TiB. There is an option to increase capacity by adding DEU. Every additional DEU is 4U more, for example:

  • Basic server + 1 DEU, net capacity increases ranging between 71 TiB and 1,002 TiB. (4+4 units in the rack)
  • Basic server + 2 DEU, net capacity increases ranging between 370 TiB and 1.5 PiB. (4+4+4 units in the rack)

We can get up to 20 PiB in a datacenter cabinet. The space used in terms of units and the effective capacity are a result of the relation between the size of each individual disk and the disk pack configuration.

2. What types of disks does STORViX offer?

We understand that different needs require different solutions. That’s why we offer a variety of disk options to cater to your specific requirements:

  • Hybrid Flash (HF): This budget-friendly option combines traditional HDDs with faster SSDs, ideal for frequently accessed files and providing a good balance between performance and cost.
  • Accelerated Hybrid Flash (AHF): Take your data access to the next level with a blend of high-performance SSDs and HDDs. This configuration offers a significant performance boost compared to standard HF disks, making it suitable for demanding workloads.
  • All-Flash (AF): Experience the ultimate in speed and performance with all-SSD configurations. This option is perfect for real-time data processing and applications requiring lightning-fast data access.
  • Accelerated All-Flash (AAF): This premium configuration utilizes flash tier to manage IO path metadata and deliver the fastest possible data access speeds, making it perfect for mission-critical applications and intensive workloads.

3. Can I purchase the hardware without the software?

Here’s the thing: while our hardware is undeniably sleek and elegantly designed to seamlessly integrate with our AiRE software, they’re like peas in a pod – they work best together. Think of AiRE as the brain and the hardware as the brawn. You can get the brain (AiRE) without the brawn (hardware), but the brawn needs the brain to truly shine.

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