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Ultra-fast cloud storage solution with 50% cost savings

Discover how Eteria ensured hot copies of its customer VMs were available 24/7 and how it achieved a maximum latency of a sub‑millisecond with the flexibility, agility and performance.

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The challenge

In the face of a pressing challenge, Eteria embarked on a mission to identify an innovative cloud storage solution that seamlessly integrates with the company’s cloud infrastructure. The primary objective was to find a solution that not only simplifies configuration but also enhances the infrastructure’s capacity, ensuring the constant availability of customer VMs 24/7. Eteria specifically required a system capable of maintaining sub-millisecond latency for a key customer, emphasizing the need for impeccable performance.

In pursuit of this comprehensive cloud storage solution, Eteria sought a platform that could align effortlessly with Zerto, a virtual replication software renowned for accelerating IT transformation by mitigating the complexities associated with modernization and cloud adoption. Zerto achieves this by consolidating disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility into a single, cohesive IT Resilience Platform™.

Operating at an enterprise scale, Zerto’s software platform not only guarantees continuous availability for an always-on customer experience but also simplifies workload mobility. This transformative capability empowers Eteria to seamlessly protect, recover, and move applications across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Through this strategic integration, Eteria solidifies its standing as a provider of a robust and versatile cloud storage solution, ensuring optimal performance and scalability for its customers.

The solution

STORViX deployed AiRE IntelligentFiler model 3258 and integrated its storage with Zerto to ensure hot copies of its customer VMs were available 24/7. A high‑performance full‑flash system was needed to meet the maximum latency goal, prompting STORViX to bring out the heavy artillery with AiRE IntelligentFiler model 3282. The system easily achieved a maximum latency of a sub‑millisecond. As the heart of IntelligentFiler, AiRE has powerful features that serve as the lifeblood of the full AiRE IntelligentFiler solution. These features provide continuous protection from corruption, disasters and breaches while optimal performance is always ensured by automating I/O path management, application profile recognition and data reduction

However, as useful as these two AiRE models were for meeting Eteria’s specific needs, the real icing on the cake that prompted Eteria to choose STORViX was Flexipay. Flexipay is the STORViX pay‑as‑you‑grow program specifically designed to help customers leverage cloud‑style business models while still having a physical system that they can configure however they want. Some organizations reap great benefits from moving to the cloud but miss certain on‑premises features such as data control, backups with personalized schedules and 100% data consistency. Flexipay is delivered as a fully‑featured AiRE IntelligentFiler with a Smartcare plan over a term to be agreed. The customer pays a rate based on peak usage over the past 30 days.

Eteria opted to activate maximum compression in AiRE, achieving a compression factor of 2 and saving much space. In fact, given that Eteria saved at least 50%, its investment in STORViX’s cloud storage solution is as good as a 2‑for‑1 deal.

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Eteria set out to assemble a group of specialists with strong cloud and managed security skills in early 2016 to cater to top ICT market players. The company’s team grew to around 50 people who manage services for more than 2000 companies, including major telecom and automotive multinationals active in the Italian market.

Eteria prides itself on providing the most innovative cloud solutions and thinking of everything so that its partners can offer unrivalled service to their own customers without missing a beat. The high‑performance enterprise cloud service provider is a natural outsourcing partner that excels in process digitalization projects. With Eteria’s value‑added tools and advanced security management services, the most important IT technologies in the cloud are at the customers’ fingertips.

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