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Leveraging a unified data solution across its lifecycle

Learn how Made Hse achieved over 50% performance gains and simpler GDPR compliance with a unified data lifecycle powered by AiRE.

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The challenge

Made Hse was looking to create a brand new IT architecture through a unified data solution to ensure that its data storage, disaster recovery and virtualization resources would be secure and GDPR-compliant. VMWare VMs and CRM systems played an important role in the existing IT infrastructure, and various performance improvements for these would be key value drivers for the new setup, such as faster I/O to VM. In the long term, Made Hse was looking to manage its data more intelligently and efficiently by taking a more holistic approach to the data lifecycle.

The solution

MBIT was helping Made Hse analyze their needs and find the best solution for its new IT infrastructure. After careful consideration to implement a unified data solution, AiRE IntelligentFiler model 3122G2 was chosen as the centerpiece of a this approach. As the heart of solution, AiRE is designed to automatically optimize datasets for specific workloads with intelligent management of custom profiles and policies. When combined with the platform’s true concurrent multiprotocol support and continuous protection from corruption, this enables AiRE to offer a uniquely simple user experience, superior performance and airtight disaster recovery.

Our easy‑to‑install unified data solution was up and running in no time and added further value by helping Made Hse get the most out of STORViX’s 2nd generation platform. Database storage was optimized so efficiently that a compression factor of 3 to 4 was achieved. That along with other performance improvements driven by AiRE’s AI‑driven optimization algorithms enabled a performance gain of more than 50%. As a result, the data footprint factor was reduced by more than a factor of 3 – without having to use deduplication. By managing the entire data lifecycle, the solution also makes compliance with data retention policies and accurate data classification much easier.

“Instead of having to choose between security, performance and ease of use, we were able to get the best of all worlds. Now we can sleep easy knowing that GDPR compliance and robust data security are in place. We can also work efficiently with higher performance for our VMs and CRMs than we even knew was possible. We are pleased with the professionalism of MBIT in selecting and implementing the STORViX solution, the fact we can meet the needs of our entire data lifecycle with a single solution and with the ROI we are seeing in the form of reduced storage costs,” says Information Technology Manager at Made Hse.

unified data solution

Made Hse

Made Hse was founded as a part of the Marcegaglia Group to provide health, safety and environment (HSE) services with its own chemical and microbiological analysis laboratories. Given that Marcegaglia is the global leader in steel processing with 6,600 employees and 28 steel plants, Made Hse’s consultants have broad expertise and experience from all kinds of sectors, disciplines and HSE challenges.

Made Hse helps both private and public sector companies avoid regulatory fines with expert legal advice, improve HSE with proven training methods, and find the best way to meet environmental challenges. With advanced analysis capabilities, integrated technical and legal advice, and software and IT services, the Italian HSE consultancy takes a holistic approach to meeting current and future customer challenges. Made Hse always aims to drive continuous improvements in business processes and the work environment in order to add value for its customers over time.

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