Our core values

Starting out as a passionate startup constantly looking to innovate, some core values came as second nature to us. Now that we’re in a major growth phase, we want to stay true to our roots, which brought us this far, while continuing to grow and evolve as an organization. This is why we’ve put our core values down in writing. These values serve as guiding principles for our employees in interactions with all stakeholders and in their day‑to‑day work.

Customer driven

We build our solution with you, for your needs both today and tomorrow

We value customer experience and stellar customer service. Hand in hand with AI, we identify where and when we will need to support you during your journey with us. We take care of our employees because we believe that happy employees are the key to happy customers.


You will always get an honest answer from us. We tell it like it is.

We believe in the power of transparency. Beyond the commitment we took to empower you with our technology, our main focus is to build relationships through trust and open communication. You can count on us to be honest and fair in helping you find the best way to meet your needs.


We hire for culture fit first, skills and experience second

Open mindedness is at our core. We believe that a diverse team who is encouraged to voice their opinions can truly move mountains. This environment has shaped our innovation process from the very beginning. We will continue to champion and prioritize diversity as we continue building our winning company culture.


Teamwork makes the STORViX dream work

Open communication and effective collaboration are essential pillars of the way we work at STORViX. We work in focused teams on everything from product development to customer success to bring out the best in everyone and maximize productivity. Everyone is on the same page and complements each other’s strengths and weaknesses.


A comrade, an athlete, a free spirit ‑ we will always challenge the status quo

We are bold and resilient. When it comes to success, we know that there are no shortcuts. Taking risks and going for the unconventional is how we make change happen. Based on deep and well‑thought‑out beliefs, we follow a less traveled path to seize opportunities.


Creativity is our secret sauce

For us, creativity means making our solutions flexible enough to be creatively adapted to the rapidly changing needs of the new IT era. It also means thinking outside the box to find new and innovative solutions to your challenges. We value each other’s ideas and put our heads together to find the best path forward.

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