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Sababa Security and Storvix Unite Their Efforts in the Fields of Data Storage and Managed Security

Milan, February 14, 2023 – Sababa Security S.p.A. (“Sababa Security” or the “Company“), a leading Italian operator in the cybersecurity industry providing an integrated and customised offering of products and managed services to protect different IT and OT environments from cyber threats – listed on Euronext Growth Milan –, announces that it has signed a partnership agreement with STORViX AB. STORViX has and continues to be developing a market-disrupting solution addressed to all the companies and organizations on the globe. The solution, AiRE IntelligentFiler, a fusion of software, hardware and cloud-connected services, ties together the most sought out technologies in one unique solution to serve the data storage, management and protection needs of our customers and beyond.

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In the realm of escalating data creation and storage, where the need for robust protection is at high importance, Sababa Security emerges as a crucial player. As data volumes surge, downtime becomes increasingly intolerable, hindering access to vital information. Consequently, a large part of a data protection strategy is ensuring that data can be restored quickly after corruption or loss. Moreover, protecting data from compromise and ensuring data privacy are other key components of data protection.

In light of this scenario, the main purpose of this agreement is to build a holistic integration between Sababa Security and SOC services and the STORViX data storage solution with the intent to enhance the readiness for the unknown and the remediation capabilities for our customers.

“I am very proud of this further partnership agreement between Sababa and such an experienced player in the field of data protection”, commented Alessio Aceti, CEO of Sababa Security. “The purpose is to provide a new cybersecurity approach for critical businesses and infrastructures, as well as combine the R&D capabilities of both companies to build the first cyber safe storage, aiming to strengthen our joint presence in Europe and Central Asia”.

“We are strongly committed to filling the critical gap between data storage solutions and their security capacities with an innovative cyber defense program” commented Luca Minoja CEO & founder of STORViX AB. “It was a natural step for us to materialize the convergence points of our respective visions in a joint program, in order to offer a high value and comprehensive service to our customers. Working with one of the leaders in the security sector, and relying on their expertise is a great step forward in the development of our portfolio”.

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Sababa Security, headquartered in Milan, Rome, Turin, Bari, Sassari, Bergamo and Genoa – incorporated in October 2019 – is a leading Italian cyber security provider, with a significant suite of strategic products and services, not only for the security of corporate IT environments but also for the automotive sector, Industrial Cybersecurity, government institutions, law enforcement, managed to protect different IT and OT environments from threats and cybercrime by supporting the customer throughout the value chain.

The company enjoys a strong reputation earned in the field and has emerged as a one stop shop with a wide range of products and services for all cybersecurity needs. Sababa has a highly experienced top management with an international orientation. Sababa’s objective is to grow through internationalization by leveraging a successful business model, developing new proprietary technologies, strengthening the organizational structure, growing through M&A operations with the acquisition of companies that offer potential synergies that can be integrated by implementing a business model that creates even more value for the company, its shareholders and its stakeholders.

Sababa Security S.p.A. is listed on Euronext Growth Milan – ISIN Code: IT0005468506

STORViXan innovative young company based in Sweden, is one of the fastest growing companies in the data storage and management industry.

Our mission is to reimagine the way data is stored, managed and protected throughout the data lifecycle.

Since 2016, STORViX has been pioneering in the data storage industry by focusing on developing a simple yet intelligent solution which relies on cognitive science to do predictive actions but also to give its customers the efficiency and reduction in management time they need. Since the beginning, STORViX’s technology was designed with our customers in mind and in heart, to better a critical part of their work but also to make a solution that would preserve the resources we need for future generations.

Our convictions have led to the development of AiRE, our unique solution, which offers you simplicity, efficiency, agility, security, sustainability and much more.

Customers across Europe have put their trust in us for years and we continue to collaborate closely. STORViX was selected to join startup innovation programs by Sony, Oracle and Nvidia and is growing rapidly in the EMEA region and other markets.

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