Did You Know the World Is Heading Toward a Data Storage Shortage?

What does that actually mean? Simply, it means that in a few years there will not be enough storage capacity considering the daily increase of generated and stored data. A study from Aston University predicts the data generated will increase by 300% in the next three years. Meaning the entire data sphere will increase to 175 zettabytes.

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Causes of data storage shortage

  • Explosive Data Growth: Every day, we produce vast amounts of digital information, from photos and videos to business documents and IoT (Internet of Things) sensor data. This unprecedented data explosion strains existing storage infrastructure.
  • Limited Storage Infrastructure: Traditional data storage systems are struggling to keep up with the pace of data creation. Many organizations rely on aging hardware and data centers that were not designed to handle the current volume of data.
  • Data Retention Policies: Regulatory requirements and business practices often demand the long-term retention of data. This further exacerbates the storage shortage, as historical data must coexist with new information.

Consequences of data storage shortage

  • Data Loss and Unavailability: When storage capacity runs out, data may be at risk of loss or inaccessibility. This can have dire consequences for individuals and organizations that rely on their data for day-to-day operations, decision-making, and compliance.
  • Increased Costs: Attempting to address the storage shortage through traditional means comes with significant financial burdens. The capital and operational expenses associated with expanding storage infrastructure can strain budgets and reduce profitability.
  • Environmental Impact: The environmental repercussions of data storage shortage solutions cannot be ignored. Building more data centers and increasing storage hardware leads to a surge in energy consumption and carbon emissions which poses a direct threat to our planet.

Addressing data storage shortage by building new mega data centers all over the world is not the solution, and it’s definitely not a sustainable approach. Apart from the high costs, don’t even get us started on the massive energy consumption! It’s a hefty price for the environment and our wallets.

There are definitely better ways to go about this!

If you’re new here, Hi! We’re STORViX. We make data storage seamless and sustainable! Our vision is to revolutionize information technology by supplying data storage solutions that are sustainable, simple, and secure!

What do we mean by sustainable, simple, and secure?

Sustainable from an environmental and financial perspective, simple as in easy to use and minimized needs of operational staff, and secure by ensuring state of the art cyber security. The star of the show here is AiRE, our software combined hardware with AI technology. The core of our solution is AiRE IntelligentFiler, our fully AI-driven software that enables superior data storage management for On-Prem-, Cloud-, Hybrid-Cloud or Multi-Cloud solutions.

From the start, we wanted to shape a product with the lowest possible environmental impact. The technology behind AiRE allows for 35% energy reduction and up to 10 years of operational life cycle.

AiRE is simple to use and is up and running in just a few hours. In fact, it is so simple you almost forget about it. That is because our cloud and AI technology make it a self-driving storage array that can detect and prevent issues before they occur; we call it self-healing. Cool right!

AiRE offers the highest level of protection available to satisfy all data security requirements of the enterprise market. Up to three copies of data and metadata are stored using end-to-end integrity, and encryption is selectable. All data stored and protected with the integrated and adaptive protection layer are immune from cyber threats thanks to data immutability.

We offer flexible solutions to fit your needs and to grow with you, meaning you can upgrade the unit in parts and add more data as you go, so you are only paying for what you are using.

Interested in knowing more? Please E-mail us at or click here.

Metrics credited too: Dr Amit Kumar Sarkar

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