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AiRE IntelligentFiler is a next generation unified data platform that is powered by AiRE, a feature‑rich software stack integrated with a purpose‑engineered hardware platform. AiRE IntelligentFiler has been engineered with an adaptive architecture that provides intelligent data services to enable the same user experience across data fabrics.

AiRE is our software stack built on a storage‑optimized UNIX operating system with software‑defined data services.

This software stack is carefully integrated with physical or cloud‑based hardware to ensure optimum compatibility and get the most out of the hardware.

AiRE leverages workload recognition and profiling to enable adaptive optimization of system performance, resiliency and efficiency.

We also provide Storage as a Service (STaaS) with AiRE to make it super easy for you to try out and benefit from our cutting‑edge deep tech. This way, you don’t even need to worry about having to maintain your own data centers or cloud infrastructure.

Learn more about our STaaS offering.

Key AiRE benefits

One UX to rule them all

AiRE provides true concurrent and intelligent multiprotocol support (SAN and NAS) across multiple classes of memory on a hybrid‑flash or all‑flash storage architecture. This delivers a consistent user experience across the entire product line and data fabrics.

Self‑driving AI

We engineered an adaptive architecture powered by intelligent data services, a cloud connection and next‑gen AI technology. This enables automated support and tuning, creating a truly proactive and self‑driving storage array.

Longer product lifecycle

From sustainable packaging and flexible hardware to energy‑efficient operations and final disposal of end‑of‑life products, we cover the entire product lifecycle. The hardware’s hybrid‑flash or all‑flash interchangeable disk pack can be tailored to tiers 0‑3 and is easily upgradable to petabytes of capacity. All of this delivers outstanding sustainability, ROI and long‑term value.

Ultra‑fast installation

AiRE’s intuitive UI, simple UX and support for zero‑touch provisioning mean your team will not need any extensive training to get started. Why spend days on installation and deployment when you can get up and running with AiRE IntelligentFiler in just a matter of hours?

Features at a glance

Packed with powerful technology, AiRE is rich in features. Here are nine of the main features to give you an idea of what’s under the hood.


Flexible hardware

Upgradable disk pack with single or redundant SPU, hybrid‑flash or all‑flash disks and storage ranging from 10 TiB to petabytes

Pooled storage

An unlimited number of datasets can be created within the same AiRE unit

Adaptive optimization

Workload recognition and profiling based on profiles and policies for each dataset to optimize for performance, redundancy or efficiency.


In‑line deduplication

Block‑level in‑line deduplication using cryptographically strong 256 bit checksums like SHA256.

In‑line compression

The algorithms used vary from the more space‑efficient like GZIP9 to the more high‑performance like LZ4.

Copy‑on‑write transactional model

Immutable snapshots and instant clones without any additional space requirements



End‑to‑end data integrity with comprehensive checksumming

Software RAIDs

AiRE’s software RAIDs provide up to triple parity protection from silent corruption


Point‑in‑time snapshots that can be incrementally replicated at the block level

Three ways to get AiRE IntelligentFiler
  • Physical unit for on‑prem
  • Cloud installation in your favorite public cloud
  • Storage as a Service (STaaS)

Do you prefer a strictly on‑prem, hybrid or cloud‑only architecture? We give you AiRE deployment options for all of these data fabrics. You can also use our public cloud bridges to supercharge hybrid and multi‑cloud architectures and simplify data migration and transfer across data fabrics.

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