At STORViX we redefine data storage in a sustainable way.


AiRE enables you to create a data repository that facilitates and safeguards your critical data over long periods of time. Protecting critical data has always been our first priority!
Today, data collection is on the rise and safeguarding data is the key to competitive success in everyday operations.
Our archiving solutions allow you to connect different versions of STORViX to build your storage network spread over LAN or WAN and replicate your most critical data off-site for insured security.
Discover a new simple way to achieve a real DR with point-in-time recovery with zero overhead.
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In today’s world there is a huge need for companies to store massive amounts of data  from interconnected devices. We know that having the right data storage solution is more than a strategic asset for business.
Inside IT infrastructure, the transactional enterprise applications represent the backbone of most companies. They are considered a mission critical environment because business operations rely on their availability.
Today IT teams need to answer this challenge with budget restrictions and compromises. Having the right solution for the job will make the difference.
Discover a new simple way to achieve a real DR with point-in-time recovery with zero overhead.
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The use of application virtualization is a de facto standard for any organisation.
This is a great way to consolidate IT infrastructures onto a few physical machines, reducing costs and making infrastructures more agile and flexible.
The key to success is using technology that understands the related I/O data path, providing  an integrated data protection for instant recovery with zero-overhead impact for storage capacity.
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Cloud Storage

Are you thinking of building your own private cloud storage infrastructure? We deliver  flexible and powerful technology which allows enterprises, cloud service providers and SaaS companies to build and manage their clouds effortlessly.
With the flexibility to leverage our technology you can optimize storage costs to match your service levels target.
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