The cloud-based management and support designed for the new era of data storage.

Get full visibility on the behavior, health, and performance of your IntelligentFiler fleet from a single cloud-based application.

Monitor all the IntelligentFiler system parameters from any device.

Keep the view on yours IntelligentFiler fleet status using clear, easy-to-understand graphics.

CloudSight operates predictively by supervising the system and monitoring for problems.

Ease of use

The interface has been designed to make the system simple and intuitive even for less technically versed users. No specialist training is required, and you can implement the system without changing your work processes or organizational structure.

We believe it’s time to let you focus on more important things that tedious administrative tasks of your IT equipment. Thanks to CloudSight you can now keep the visibility of your storage and be sure that we will be there to assist you as an extension of your IT operations team.

Our Customer Success managers work closely with the SmartCARE team to ensure that you can always receive the best assistance for your own infrastructure.

Thanks to CloudSight application our support team and solution provider partners can prevent issues before they happen.


The heart of IntelligentFiler

Every form of intelligence has a heart and a brain.
The IntelligentFiler has AiRE and CloudSight.

Let us redefine your data storage solution!