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Our solution brief

This sheet explains how can you implement our technology with your business. It includes a summary of our product, AiRE, and the services we provide.

STORViX – Our Solution Updated 2023

Master three data lifecycle pillars with AiRE

Understand how our product—AiRE—reshape how you store, manage, and protect your data.

STORViX – AiRE Single Sheet 2023

SmartCARE datasheet

Discover our customer different support plans and see which one is the most suitable for you and your business.

STORViX SmartCARE Datasheet 2023

Behind our technology

Technology guide

Find out what made us special. In this sheet, you can read more about what is the core of our technology and the features we offer that make a difference.

STORViX – Technology Guide 2023

3 ways to deploy AiRE

As AiRE offers an all-encompassing solution, let’s delve in to explore and compare the ways to maximize AiRE’s potential for your business.

STORViX – 3 Ways to Get AiRE 2023

Customizable data storage

Let us introduce you to a total control over your storage space, like building your own storage! Read more about our truly unique intelligent provisioning that captures our customers’ hearts.

STORViX – Customizable Data Storage 2023

Industry sheet

An information sheet showing the features that benefit our customers in particular industries and why our solution win against the competitors.

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