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A smarter take on customer care with predictive support


Do you already have an AiRE IntelligentFiler but aren’t sure you’re getting the maximum value out of it? We’ve recently updated our customer care program and are continuing to add powerful tools to help you do this.

To help you achieve the best ROI on your AiRE IntelligentFiler, we provide a smart balance of human specialist, AI-assisted and autonomous optimization and predictive support along with tailormade solutions, custom integrations and proactive cyberdefense. This is our customer care program, SmartCARE, where we use smart technology to care our very best for your customer experience.

Set your sights on higher value with predictive support from intelligent wingmen

Customer Experience drives and supports all services connected to AiRE IntelligentFiler, especially including SmartCARE’s AI-powered predictive support programs – CoPILOT and AutoPILOT.

CoPILOT continuously monitors the system and proactively provides suggestions for fixes and optimizations with a SmartCARE specialist ready to take the controls of your AiRE IntelligentFiler when needed.

AutoPILOT goes a step further and performs most required administration tasks automatically. At the same time, this trusty AI is still smart enough to know its limits and proactively flags issues that require human intervention.

Backed up by a specialist support team, these wingmen are designed to save you valuable time and help you get the most value out of AiRE IntelligentFiler.

Integrate your data seamlessly and protect it proactively

As the rate of digital transformation increases, so too does the need for seamless integration of workloads across applications and clouds. The Professional Services Team provides tailormade solutions and custom integrations so you can adapt our smart technology to your business needs instead of the other way around.

With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, fast and dangerous, a traditional, reactive approach to cybersecurity may not be able to keep up well enough anymore. This calls for a more proactive approach, or cyber defense, to ensure your data is protected 24/7. We have dedicated DevOps and DevSecOps teams to help you shore up your cyber defenses with state-of-the-art technology so you can sleep easy.

Pay as you grow with FlexiPAY

FlexiPAY is our optional pay-as-you-grow program that delivers cloud-like agility in cost planning. When combined with the future storage need insights generated in CloudSight, you can leverage FlexiPAY to optimize your storage costs and scale value more effectively.

Some organizations reap great benefits from moving to the cloud but miss certain on-premises features such as data control, backups with personalized schedules and 100% data consistency. Or you may be required to retain certain sensitive personal or other data on premises by law. FlexiPAY allows you to combine all the advantages of on-prem with the flexible pricing and scalability of the cloud.

Unlock our full range of cloud services with the right SmartCARE plan

One year of the basic SmartCARE plan is included when purchasing an AiRE license, which provides traditional support during business hours. Upgrading to the advanced plan opens up a range of optional cloud services, including CoPILOT, designed to improve ROI and the user experience. With the premium plan, you can ensure operational continuity for business-critical workloads with on-site spare part kits and 24/7 proactive support driven by AutoPILOT.

Do you have any questions about your SmartCARE plan? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you choose the right plan for your needs and get the most out of all the services included. 

The top three data storage trends of the new IT era

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In the 2020s, we are seeing the new IT era of hybrid and multi-cloud data fabrics shape new challenges and opportunities for data storage and management. Data storage is evolving to accommodate an ever-higher quantity and quality of big data. Data management is being made more intelligent as it is augmented with AI and ML techniques. And cloud-based predictive analytics are going beyond the general AI hype to create significant value.

Let’s explore what’s driving these trends and how they are interrelated.

Bigger big data and higher data quality

Total global data will grow from 33 Zettabytes in 2018 to 175 Zettabytes by 2025 – Data Age 2025 The Digitalization of the World by IDC

Have you stopped to consider how huge “big data” is getting? This means that there will be increasingly more data to store. At the same time, the new IT era is challenging organizations to be more data-driven, and this means storing and analyzing more data. But it also means ensuring high data quality. This is important considering that poor data quality has been shown to cost organizations around $15 million per year by Gartner’s Data Quality Market Survey.

Another example of the increasing quantity of data is that the DNA sequencing industry is forecast to sequence 2 billion genomes by 2025, which is around 200 exabytes of unstructured data, according to ”The Evolution from Data Backup to Data Intelligence”, a survey by ESG. Both the capacity to store more data and the capability to maintain higher data quality could pose a risk of increasing operating costs for organizations. But you can rise to the challenge and do more with less by employing more intelligent data management.

Intelligent data management and augmented data management

The ESG survey cited above and on TechTarget also found that IT professionals have a wide variety of different definitions of what the term data management means but they are in agreement that it is increasingly important. Some defined it as optimizing data storage and access while others said it meant implementing compliance and privacy processes or data classification. 

“Intelligent data management” was suggested by the author of the ESG study, Christophe Bertrand, as a term to show what modern data management technology can do now. In another article on TechTarget, author Stacey Peterson notes that the increasing use of all-flash arrays and hybrid and hyper-converged infrastructure are key drivers of more intelligent data storage.

So, what does intelligent data management mean to you? Let’s look at a related term, augmented data management, to give you a better idea. Gartner ranked augmented data management as one of the top 10 data and analytics trends for 2020 and defined it as using ML and AI techniques to optimize and improve operations. To give you an example of how these groundbreaking technologies can be applied to create business value in data storage and management, we’ll turn to a related trend, cloud-based predictive analytics.

Cloud-based predictive analytics

59% of global enterprises use advanced and predictive analytics – MicroStrategy’s 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report.

More and more companies are employing predictive analytics and the latest AI and ML technologies are increasingly powered by the cloud. As a result, the percentages of analytics platforms that are based in the cloud increased from 39% in 2018 to 47% in 2019 and is expected to continue growing, according to the MicroStrategy report cited above and on Forbes. Advances in cloud-based predictive analytics open the door to increasing data quality and obtaining more valuable insights to power more data-driven organizations.

But that’s not all. In “Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Becoming a Critical Source of Vendor Differentiation in Enterprise Storage”, IDC Research Vice President Eric Burgener highlights “the use of AI and machine learning to drive autonomous operations” as one of three key features that set cloud-based predictive analytics apart from traditional remote monitoring. Such autonomous operations are the key to self-healing, storage optimization and future utilization predictions, which all have the potential to create significant business value.

Master the new IT era trends with the right tool

Given the latest trends, it’s now more important than ever to prepare your business to store more and better data efficiently while managing this data intelligently. With autonomous operations powered by cloud-based predictive analytics, you can insulate your workloads from downtime and data loss, save some serious money on storage costs and stay on top of future needs. 

This is exactly what we aim to help you do at STORViX. Contact us to learn how AiRE IntelligentFiler, our next-generation unified data platform, can help you leverage self-healing, cut storage costs in half and intelligently manage your data across hybrid and multi-cloud data fabrics to match your future needs.

Reimagining storage array security with YubiKey

By AiRE IntelligentFiler, STORViX

Ranked the most innovative EU nation in 2019 and placing second in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019, Sweden has a long track record as a hotbed of innovation. One of many innovative companies to emerge on the global scene from this hotbed is Yubico. With a mission to make secure login easy and available for everyone, Yubico created the YubiKey, a security key for robust multi-factor authentication (MFA) that enables a safer internet for billions of people.

YubiKey support coming to AiRE IntelligentFiler storage arrays

Given our common Swedish roots and our aim to make storage array security more powerful and simpler, it was only a matter of time before we added YubiKey support to AiRE IntelligentFiler. Now it’s finally happening in AiRE Version 3, this year’s major software update that we are in the process of rolling out.

Why MFA is a gamechanger for stopping credential theft

Stolen credentials were used in over 80% of web application breaches, and lost or stolen credentials or brute force were involved in more than 80% of breaches caused by hacking – Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

The number of digital services in use and the sophistication of cybercriminals has skyrocketed in recent years. This increases the risk of credentials being stolen and how severe of a business impact this can have. Also, poor user password practices make matters even worse. For instance, Yubico’s 2020 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors Report conducted by the Ponemon Institute found that:

  • 49% of IT pros share passwords with colleagues
  • 50% of IT pros reuse passwords across workplace accounts
  • 60% of IT pros do not use MFA to protect personal accounts

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a game changer for account protection. In fact, Microsoft Security Research advises that MFA can reduce the risk of credentials being compromised by as much as 99.9%. However, text messages and push notifications as a form of MFA still pose some security issues and you could get locked out if your phone dies. This is why hardware security keys like YubiKey fill a major gap by enabling bulletproof logins with best-in-class security.

Fast and secure connection to your storage array with YubiKey

The ability to work quickly and securely from anywhere is a key driver of digital transformation. In the past, IT architectures were centered around the local office network. When working from outside the office, you had to either sacrifice speed, performance and simplicity with a VPN or risk compromising security without one. 

But now the rapid rise in distributed teams and home working demands a more agile way of working. That is exactly what YubiKey enables by making it possible to secure fast remote connections to data on your AiRE IntelligentFiler storage array without a VPN. With YubiKey support, system administrators can easily encrypt the connection from their laptop to their AiRE IntelligentFiler storage array with MFA. 

Given the increasingly high volumes of business-critical data stored on enterprise storage arrays, this best-in-class system administration security will give you peace of mind. Without having to worry about credential theft and unauthorized access, you’ll be poised to take your digital transformation to new heights with agile business models.

Upgrade to AiRE Version 3 and start using YubiKeys with your storage array

We are proud to be one of the first storage array vendors to implement YubiKey support. This is just one of many exciting new features, such as VSA, that we are delivering in our new software update, AiRE Version 3. Contact us to learn more about when and how to upgrade to AiRE Version 3 and how to implement YubiKeys with your AiRE IntelligentFiler storage array.