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What our cloud operations center is all about

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At STORViX, we have been known for AiRE IntelligentFiler, our next-generation unified data platform combining purpose-engineered hardware with a feature-rich software stack. But did you know that we have a convenient cloud operations center, Merlin, that gives you easy access to CloudSight and many other cloud tools? To align with the rapid transformation and agile business models of the new IT era, these are designed to help you maximize ROI from AiRE with the power of the cloud.

Merlin a one-stop shop for cloud tools and services

Merlin is our vision of a modern cloud-based client portal designed from the ground up to meet the challenges of the new IT era. Merlin enables a collection of services ranging from account and license management to cost optimization and predictive and proactive support. You can also access CloudSight from Merlin, where you can find data-driven reporting and access centralized fleet management.

By logging into our cloud operations center at, you have the power to control AiRE software features, manage SmartCARE plans and control your data across all your AiRE IntelligentFiler units from a single interface. Don’t forget that you’ll need an appropriate SmartCARE plan to unlock the power of Merlin’s cloud services.

CloudSight delivers insights into all your data from the cloud

CloudSight is the processing engine that connects AiRE instances to the cloud. As the brain of AiRE IntelligentFiler running on advanced machine learning algorithms, CloudSight continuously improves at simplifying, automating and optimizing AiRE.  In addition, CloudSight’s processing engine examines the behavior of the data stream archived on persistent memory with groundbreaking data science and biological computing technologies including DNA profiling and barcoding.

CloudSight collects millions of data points, including capacity usage, performance, configurations, and system health in real time. By combining all this data from multiple AiRE instances, regardless whether on-premise or in the cloud, CloudSight is able to present a variety of data-driven reports and intelligent insights across data fabrics. The ability to access all data from anywhere opens up new possibilities for centralized fleet management and workload optimization in a simple, flexible and agile manner.

What we’ve got in store for you

For a while now, we’ve been continuously improving CloudSight’s data and reporting algorithms while optimizing Merlin to create as simple a user experience as possible. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve got in the store for you. Stay tuned for our next blog post to learn about a brand new cloud service that greatly simplifies GDPR compliance and disaster recovery.

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