About Us

Storvixs aim is to radically change the approach to data management in the new IT era.

We believe it is time to let a cognitive system transparently assist and take control of critical operations to accelerate your efficiency. We’ve uncovered a secret recipe for cooking up greater intelligence than ever before in a unified data platform. Our cognitive recipe takes deep inspiration from biology and neuroscience combining them with advanced machine learning algorithms and real-world knowledge of all the challenges and opportunities faced in data management.

Our cognitive storage array AiRE enables a breakthrough that will revolutionize the data management industry and accelerate digital transformation. AiRE has the potential for never-before-seen data storage optimizations across an intelligent data fabric along with superior efficiency and data protection. This is how we will empower IT teams to adapt to the rapid changes of the new IT era and focus more time on value-adding activities instead of repetitive system administration tasks.

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We’re currently in look of a few new employees – If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your resume and details to info@storvix.com for all opportunities.

For sales you can contact us with sales@storvix.com and for Media you reach us with pr@storvix.com.


Ideon Science Park, Alfa 4
Scheelevägen 15
223 63 Lund

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