It’s been a while and we’ve been doing something exciting! Let’s reconnect! We hope our enthusiasm about the upcoming new era of IT will rub off on you and counteract the pessimism of these troubled times.

Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to improve our core technology in a number of ways. The highlights of the year show where the valuable feedback and experience came from that have fueled these product development efforts.

We are so proud of our customers that we can’t help wanting to share their success stories. One of the latest is noventum consulting. The prominent German IT management consulting company trialed our AiRE IntelligentFiler for six months to see if it could meet their challenges. Lo and behold, we helped them cut virtual machine failover performance from minutes to just seconds!

Another intriguing customer of ours is Eteria. The high-performance enterprise cloud service provider was very pleased with how we helped it ensure hot copies of its customers VMs were available 24/7. Achieving a maximum latency of a sub-millisecond was also a impressive feat that added significant value. 

Are you interested in learning about how we can do the same thing for you that we have done for some of these customers? Contact us and let’s have a virtual chat over coffee! 

Sony Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP) Europe

We were proud to be one of the ten startups from all across Europe selected to participate in Sony’s autumn 2019 SSAP in Lund, Sweden. These three months gave us a great opportunity to present our business concept to a team of inspiring coaches and professionals. All the inspiring feedback from them and the other startups was the most valuable part of the program for us. This feedback got us thinking more deeply about data management and the role we want our product to play in the future. Ultimately, this led us to a new concept we envision for our product- a next-generation unified data platform.

The next-generation unified data platform concept

Our vision for a next-generation unified data platform involves empowering companies to manage all their workloads from one place with advanced AI support. This goes beyond unified in the traditional sense of combining spinning and flash media drives to also maintaining a consistent user experience across the entire platform. It also involves empowering companies to seamlessly organize and move workloads between on-prem and cloud storage locations and across clouds. We see this multi-cloud and inter-cloud data fabric as crucial for accelerating the digital transformation of tomorrow and ushering in the new era of IT.

Staying in touch

So, what do you think of our next-generation unified data platform concept? Stay tuned for more on that in our next blog post. We would really love to hear from you in the meantime. We value the opinions of everyone interested in the data storage industry and your insights could very well spark our next innovation. Don’t be a stranger.


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