Intelligence is the ability to adapt to changes

By October 10, 2018 No Comments

It is not a secret that great products are the one you fall in love with.

We simply believe that you should love what you are doing because love embraces passion which is something that shapes true innovation.

When it comes to storage arrays, as a team of truly passionate craftsmanship, we have worked hard to ensure that our company will deliver this feeling through our product.

Storvix’s aim is to radically change how companies approach data storage management in the new IT era. Our goal is to develop the path to a truly cognitive storage array that will make the real difference in supporting the requirements and address the challenges of the new IT era.

We believe is time to bring a breakthrough approach in the new era of computer data storage where the artificial intelligence should transparently assist and takes control of critical operations and let the IT team keep the focus on what really matters to their everyday business operations instead of spending precious time in the tedious and repetitive system administration tasks. It is not about A.I. it is about how A.I. will help us to achieve more with less which is the real need of all the companies.

To fulfil our vision, we started to brainstorm on how a new kind of storage array could eventually be in the next IT era. After an intense engineering effort and thanks to a spectacular team of passionate people, we bring to life our product, AiRE IntelligentFiler.

As in nature, every form of intelligence has a hearth and a brain, IntelligentFiler has AiRE and CloudSight, its perfect companions. The heart, AiRE, is an A.I. driven Operating Environment. The brain, CloudSight, is the cloud-connected processing engine developed for analytics and unified management.

With the major challenges that the new era of IT industry has brought in such as consolidation both in terms of energy impact and resource optimisation, immediate answer time and fast configuration, it is obvious that having a clever solution will make the difference. In a rapidly changing environment where every resource should be simply effective, there is no more room for any wasting of time.

We are confident that AiRE IntelligentFiler is the best companion to go with through this scenario.

I personally want to thank you all of our customers and partners that have shared with us the effort in the fulfilment of our vision.

The path to innovation is a long journey. Let ’s keep walking together.


All the best,